Virgin Mary in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

The repression was pitiless, eight sons of Sunu were imprisoned, father Moura was strangled or poisoned in the prisons. With the exception of those workink in Peking, who where put under house arrest...Dowload PDF Here to learn more.

Conversation Between Two Sons of Heaven

In the 18th century, a 27 year-old boy challenged the celestial empire full of enthusiasm, at a time where reaching Asia was a real adventure. He helped to glorify an empire, with his art and love, with his virtues he opened the heart of a monarch...Dowload PDF Here to learn more. (Italian only)

Optical Geometry

18th Century  virtual image of the eyes of bronze statue 110x97 cm, exploiting low wave light intensity trough reflection, refraction, physics concepts and optical geometry executed by Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766). Download PDF here to learn more



You will find here a bibliography relevant to Castiglione and his art.... Download

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Virgin Mary in the Forbidden City

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